Friday, January 25, 2013

It doesnt happen everyday

It does not happen everyday, that one finds a new emerging designer taking risks. Its difficult and can take you nowhere soemtimes. But this Dutch young damsel, Iris Van Herpen decided to take one. I call her the Varun Sardana or subtle Manish Arora of Amsterdam. In the damp, cold , over cast skies of this little Dutch land, she sits in her studio and makes one of a kind pieces. Sculpted bodies with intricate details and excellent finishing. Notice the choice of nude colors to bring out light through the thin edges and overlapping material. They remind of creative pattern making classes at fashion schools or a kid’s craft origami class. Naive, yet knife like sharp. I personally like the white tubular banana like structural dress, which creates an illusionistic effect. Check out these images to pick your favorite.

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