Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Global-Roti !

An Indian artist based in the western state of Gujarat, Jagrut Raval primarily works with video and photographic mediums.
His heterogeneous art practice has spanned from straight photography to video art with a narrative, which addresses issues of our global world. His work could be seen as a dialogue between the ideological differences of the West and the East and arising political, cultural issues within our contemporary society. Being from a culturally rich and diverse country like India his works respects the eclectic mixes.  Irony, Satire and Parody becomes his tools in expressing the reality of the world we live in.
He is currently based in Savannah, Georgia, USA and continues to explore various global issues.

World map made with Indian bread (roti) (2012)
Edition of 14
Variable sizes
6 C-print photographs installation

Roti is a type of bread made from stoneground whole wheat flour consumed mostly in the Indian Subcontinent. It is also know as Chapati. People generally eat a roti along with a curry called sabzi. The rotis are usually circular in shape.

‘’The versatility of such a food item helped me to create a world map out of it’’, says Jagrut.

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